I would have believed in love at first sight
had I met you first, or yesterday.
I knew you before we met this time and
you’ve made me believe in reincarnation.
Long ago we planted a tree and when it grew last year
It already had our names carved into its bark.
I know I have loved you before, a few times,
while the rest of the country fought the revolution,
or learned to program a VCR, and I now spend my days
battling your ghosts of the past,
keeping them where they’ve been and not here and now.
But I’m the one who needs an exorcism because
time heals all wounds but mine, and although
internal and invisible to the rest of the world,
they are centuries deep, if not more.
And to combat this I love you like it’s today,
but I’ll love you another way tomorrow,
because to me this is therapy.
And as we come to the end of this time around
I am confident I will love you again.
I will find you again, somehow.

In his writing, Steven Harz captures the exhilaration, pain, and frustration of love, all the while making you strive to find the perfect balance. His work will pierce your heart with memories of love. And of love gone bad.