wanted to become
a mythic character
maybe Andromeda
chained naked to a
rock for boasting of beauty;
then saved by Perseus
in a rescue-marry–
damsel maneuver;
to carry yourself
with arrogant walk
around your garden—
a delirium of stars; even a
constellation named after you?

Have you ever
held yourself
softly apart
for a poetic moment
when you and the
Goddess—your two selves
meet at luminous margin
fine as a hair?
Where you start
to write about yourself
writing about her;
not knowing which world
you are writing from?

Have you ever
walked into
the shimmering obscurity
strolled around your garden
began to hear, repeat courageous words
wild-woman, untamed light
glisten like honey you earth star

words that begin to transform you
because you imagine them?