Wounded one,
as you disappear
into your darkness,
and light fades
from your Bay of Rainbows,
Lake of Dreams,
we can only try
and ease your pain,
help you find,
even in these times,
a twig from the Golden Bough
to guard your journey
to the underworld
and back again,

or a shaman
to listen to your vision,
prepare for you
a ceremony of dance
and chant and amulet, colors
to summon your spirit guides
as in the ancient days.

You appear in our dreams,
assure us we will meet again,
though dangers are legion,
the Abyss real.
Across the Seething Bay,
Ocean of Storms,
we await your return.

O Hero, lonely one,
your whole is there
behind the shadow.
Back into our arms
you fall, reborn
into our river of tears.