Hold me here,
two characters cast
on a shifting sediment stage.

Spotlights of sun rays
shimmer across points of sand
and peaks of water’s waves.

Hold me here,
skirted by a palette
of sapphire, spruce and saffron hues.

Here, we will perform;
sheltering each other from shards of rain,
swaying with stalwart winds,
swaddled together through the damp silence of night.

When the curtain of darkness drapes us,
sand crystals and water crests will still shine
under moon-lit sky,

Hold me here,
until time’s centrifugal force separates us,
pulled from each other’s arms,
in a finale of fingertips slipping away.


Tracy Ahrens lives in Illinois and has been a journalist/writer for over 30 years. She has published nine books, including two non-fiction works, five children’s books and two books of poetry. As of 2024 she had earned 113 writing awards. See her website at www.tracyahrens.weebly.com.