There’s a fable – a man chased by a monster
jumps into a well and as he falls sees a dragon below
Grabs at a branch and while he holds

Notices drops of honey that fall near his mouth
Catches a few drops
as his grip weakens

How I prided myself on my discipline
Missed one day teaching
out of 37 years

Was it all just a tightening
of my grip for those years
to make a case for a bit more of honey

My therapist asks
What happened to your job?
Never missed a day

Retired I turn to writing and discover
I can get work published
Simply keep at it

Discipline redirected
I catch the honey – the drop
between the drops

Wait for my arm to tire
Every once in a while
stare down at the dragon

Greg Moglia’s poems have been published in over 380 journals in 10 countries He is a ten-time winner of an Allan Ginsberg Poetry Award He is now a full- time poet writing about the foibles of mid-life dating, the challenge of aging parents, the sweetness of lovers both old and new.