At 63, it’s a wonder I am alive.
Mom put Hostess Twinkies
in my school lunch for dessert.
Don’t remember the sugar high
that gets so much talk today.

Who knew about gluten? Grade school lunch: white bread,
baloney and cheese, mustard and mayo sandwich
with a bag of chips in a brown bag. Sometimes,
it would be peanut butter or cream cheese and jelly.
I bought my milk in the cafeteria, chocolate if I was lucky.

And what about the milk? It was whole.
Now, you are supposed to be drinking soy.
Today, someone is going to miss their cold glass of milk
and warm-from-the-oven fudge brownies.

I ate hot dogs, not the ones certified
organic and 100% Angus, just plain hot dogs.
No telling what was in them. Nitrites for sure.
Mustard and ketchup on the bun.

Today, a vegetarian, my cholesterol is high,
not much to cut out of my menu. I drink 2% milk,
eat a cheese sandwich with mustard and mayo
on whole wheat and wonder how much longer I have.