Kilo of crystal meth under the spare
tire in the trunk, like an episode
of Breaking Bad, Charlie warbles
and beats the rhythm of Motor Head
on his steering wheel as he crosses
the state line from Louisiana to Texas.

A police car stops him for a broken
tail light and as fast as putting pizza
into a pizza oven, he is in jail in San
Antonio for two years for carrying
drugs across a state line.

Greg hears about the rookie meth
dealer whose sister is his only visitor,
so determines to visit Charlie once
a week since he has been in rehab,
himself, is clean for five years, and
sponsors AA newbies.

When Charlie earns house arrest
for good behavior with a musical
ankle bracelet that beeps if he
leaves the premises, Greg and his
visiting dad take him Thanksgiving
leftovers from their family feast: turkey,
sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries
and buckets of good wishes.

Later, Greg offers Charlie a job
in his car repair business but warns
him, “One mistake and you’re out.”
After AA, marriage, two children
and opening GREG CAR REPAIR
in San Antonio at five o’clock
in the morning for three years,
Charlie does not err.

Jan has had 360 poems published in various journals including: ABZ, Mid-American Review, and Parnassus. Finishing Line Press published her three chapbooks and first full-length poetry collection. Orbis, England, nominated her for the Pushcart Prize in 2020 and Constellations nominated her for it in 2021.