And they shouted
and they screamed
and they protested,

But amidst the Persistent
And Conflicting Clamor
That permeated the feed,
Apathy soon crept in

And Apathy begat Normalization
And Normalization begat Acceptance
And Acceptance begat Loss of Rights
And Loss of Rights begat Control
And Control begat Changeā€¦

The very change about which
they had shouted,
screamed and protested

Until they were worn down by the
Persistent and conflicting clamor
That permeated the feed, and . . .
Apathy crept in . . .

Cecil Wood is a retired Commercial Banking Executive. His forthcoming publication is a short philosophical treatise titled, Power, Influence, and Control–The Role of Relationships in the Human Experience. When he is not writing, he and his wife enjoy spending time with their grandchildren.