Pound on the window when you see sun,
pet a dog who is lying in the rays, do not
pound on the dog, but take the dog
beyond the window into the grass all golden.

Buy breakfast out and savor being alone
read the Sunday Times and remember
a scene in black and white where Charlotte
Rampling lay on the floor reading
the Times and then look up, both she and you.

Think about painting your bedroom but refrain,
go to the paint store and consider colors
such as soft green or even chocolate, go
somewhere green and chocolate, a
ferny forest with shade right here on the town’s edge.

Intersect a trio of birds on a wire with a song about
birds on a wire then a tattoo of birds on a wire
and then birdsong.

Jan MacRae is a poet and fiction writer who earned her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Oregon. She served as a Fiction Editor for the Northwest Review for many years. She has worked as an assistant editor on a NYC-based travel magazine and as an educator for Planned Parenthood.