On August 2nd, 2016, the L.A. Dodgers announced that they would be sending Yasiel Puig down to the OKC minor league farm team.

I am Yasiel Puig
with my mediocre stance
somewhere in right field
the sun a bit too loud and
people around me always
though never close enough to hear
what I scream into my glove
after hesitating or moving left
when I should have gone right
all eyes and disappointment on me
the one who looks the part
who can pull it out now and then
but comes up clutch less and less.

It seems I need to step away
go down to AAA for a while
to breathe and think a little
about how to play the game
how to really love the game,
or so my husband and children
inform me as I close my locker
hand them my uniform and wonder
if I even want to be in the majors.