I am whimsy, energy and creative spirit
I am wildflowers and daisies and giant sunflowers
I am bananas and school buses, and the caution at a stoplight
I am the famous golden arches and salty oily french fries
I am slices of sunrises and sunsets
I am warmth, kitchen tablecloths, lemonade, grandma’s aprons,
children’s sundresses, city murals, and the tips of oak trees during
autumn I am the sun streaming through the clouds of the sky,
leaving polka dot patterns on the ground
I am the pee trail left in the snow when I let my dogs out
I am a contradiction: I can be jaundice and the yellow belly of fear,
doubt and anxiety
I am wonder, excitement and refreshment
I am the soaked sponge in the water bucket bubbling with
lemon scented Mr. Clean in the center
of my dirty kitchen floor, waiting eagerly to wipe it clean
I am my artist mother’s favorite color
I am faded onion skin paper and memories
I am my corner colonial childhood home,
and the sweetest memory of my life

Elizabeth Papazian was raised in New York City, graduated from Fordham University and has worked in a diverse background including non-profit development, corporate law, real estate and travel. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her family. Her two rescue dogs and swimming keep her calm, brave, and inspired.