Life is either a daring adventure or nothing, Helen Keller

Way back as a little girl
growing aside echoing Rockies
I heard voices spit
I dare you
sometimes bold commands
shook a mean grin
sometimes they wore a gentle nudge
I even now hear my own self
spewing those three words

As I began to venture
my young voice
became my escapade
I sang of excursions far away only
a rosy cheeked three-year-old could intone

Maybe dad’s gene-gift
or maybe I sang inside
Mom’s warm belly when she dusted
hummed with Perry Como

Is this important
to anyone but me?
Somehow, I don’t much care
It’s just about my singing adventures
which I dare say are really the same as
letting ruckus melodies run me far away
allowing my lips to utter magic sounds
inviting me to chant as holy monk

And while I write and hum
made-up (or stolen) tunes
a jay sidesteps on a wire
dance-yodels his complicated phrase
flies down
sneaky-steals a blueberry
takes off
drenched in joy