I look at my shadow
It scares me! I try to run away.
Did something turn the light off in me?

I find myself on the summer side of a mountain village.
I saunter in front of the hills to explore!
I don’t hear any promises from rocks
but they let me hide behind them.
There’s silence, but sighs of the wounded winds
move the soft sands.
I feel the strokes of a violin bow on my skin.
I breathe sorrow!
Suddenly, I think about my mother and father
their faults and their goodness.
Maybe their bones have sauntered
in the depth of the soil and paused under my feet.
Maybe they have turned into wildflowers
emerging from the corners of hard stones.
Maybe I could learn the language of the stones.

I feel like thanking someone or something for being alive.
Taking the river path, I see frogs float over wide water lilies
and hummingbirds drink the remains of the rain from a tulip cup
blossoms are in labor, and the breeze whispers to comfort them.
Soon, baby flowers will hang from the hands of the trees.
and lovers will taste each other wherever they may be.

Someone comes and turns the light on in me.