Not to be done again, roving to a common taste,
Returning from esoteric cities a hard station
The favourite site laughs at its own premise
The poisoned gossip crashes on another sore
Careful imbibing on a common ground.

The literal being bludgeoned at every turn
The careworn spite kissing the historical opinion
Introduced at peril, the outside chances
Wanting to go home another drop in the ocean
The constructive word games skip over beats.

Lost marbles a vocal scream, hardy glare,
Kissing extremities a forlorn curse on local
Culling on collective names a careworn liar
Prizes through drains a stamp on character
Knowing where gone, ecstasy burning out.

One to wreck the hubris, worried over time
The solitary give unhorsed in an afterthought
Not doted on forever, secured in dissonance
Spent on the sarcastic, hijacked on the fair
Recording the exclusive to merry exclusion.

Not to worry, of course, sparkling the fine wine
Being denied association as damaged goods
Injurious to health, walking over terminology
Engaged to oblivion, the horoscope uncanny
The hard-won legislation is a fashion more likely.