People drip with stories
and linger in bookstores and cafes

slurping foamy cappuccinos
and nibbling on chocolate cake

jotting down thoughts
on pads of their minds.

In my imaginary world
people have antennas

to feel what others feel
to be there when needed and

disappear when it’s time.
In my imaginary world

poems don’t need editing
and writers are never rejected.

In my imaginary world
friends last a lifetime,

keep in touch and nurture us
with memories and love.

In my imaginary world
kids have lots of kids

to swell the universe
with giggles and questions,

dogs never die and lovers
understand that when
it’s over, it’s over.

In my imaginary world, we
become someone else, maybe

for a minute or an hour, or a day,
sometimes wishing for an eternity, but

the real solace comes in the
ephemeral quality of being different.

In my imaginary world
there is no war

and kids never die for useless reasons
and all is tranquil.