On a summer day,
I remember it well.
Not because you passed from this
But of the silence I heard as you
Did so.
And I questioned:
How could life blink out so quietly?
But now I know it was to be.
For by birth and death
All souls are quiet.
They are events that bind a soul
And then let it go.
One time in going and coming,
The other in going and coming.
And I think it is so hard for us,
The moments we start crying,
Because it is not just us that are sad.
Our souls remain bound as they
Watch their companions join others.
And they so want to go too,
To be back around the campfires
But most remember that life here
Will be worth the wait,
No matter if it’s good or bad.
They will tell their new stories one
And hear new ones too
And laugh and cry.
Then do it all over again with hearts anew.