There is a magic
In the air tonight
On my patio

In between rain storms
The air is fresh and cool
And smells sweet

The birds are singing
Softly to each other
And to me

Dark clouds loom
And lightning flashes
In the distance

But on my patio
It is dry and safe and filled
With anticipation

Of what will come next
Which could be
Very soon

Will it be a rock and roll
Thunderstorm with
Crashes to shake you?

Will hail be in the mix
As warm mixes with cold
Mixes with wind?

Will the static that I feel
In the air already
Charge the storm?

Or will it be
A gentle rain like

I’m guessing it’s going
To be a doozy
From the wind that’s kicking up

And the silence of the birds
Just now as they too
Take shelter

I only have to step inside
To take cover from
The elements

But I want to linger
As long as I can
On the edge of the storm

This is where
Nature dances on a tightrope
Before it crosses over

It is fresh and clean
And I can smell the rain
Before a single drop falls

My cats are entranced
Sniffing and rolling
In the gloaming

A lone bird calls
A warning to the others
Take cover

And the first raindrop
Of the storm falls loud and fat
On the patio now