I do remember…

When I was young,
Frothing with invincibility,
I felt an integrative part
In life`s ever-changing frames─
Both as recipient
And as initiator
Being in with the moment
Leaving my imprint.
Then, something happened─
I got old.

My shadow diminishing
I seem to walk
Unsteadily through time
In silence
As if unseen─
An irrelevant hollow spectator
Hearing my words echo
Sidelined by the newer
I wave my hands hoping
To be noticed.

I am anchored
By my past
And have responsibility
For the present
And for the future.
Emptiness need not
Be permanent.
Adaptation is not capitulation
Reinvention is renewal─

John Lysaght has been writing poetry since college, graduating in 1968 with a degree in English and Classics. He achieved a Masters in Social Work, and he holds a private investigator`s license. John`s work often explores the human condition and how human, nature and the spiritual are interconnected and codependent.