It’s always the same even though so often different
if you know what I mean, I dream:

          I dream there’s no time to alphabetize and box the books
          but I hurry, the movers are coming! and I am frightened
          what stays behind will be lost
          forever, the words forgotten

          I dream the other passengers are certain I am the only one
          who can land the plane but they are wrong don’t you see?
          not knowing how to fly. They plead they panic
          but I will not reach for the controls, I simply can’t

          what’s this? I dream the sky is black with birds, too many
          it’s impossible to get them all fed before the storm
          already I see many small bodies
          wet with rain

          In my dream the apartment is on fire, my mother in her chair
          won’t let me rescue her unless I first find her yellow robe
          her favorite, lost somewhere in a jumble of clothes
          that would fit no one

It’s all the same it always is I am startled awake
by unseen voices (I may know who you are)
who sing out failure, failure