When Spring extends its arbor green
And early blooms have lost their sheen
Look for these blooms to set the scene
Down the roadways, under the brush.

Pink, purple, white, these not so quite
Perfect blossoms provide a sight,
A dust of snow, small birds in flight,
And complement the sudden hush.

As honeysuckle tends to fade
And rose petals humbly cascade
Their red, red beauty away, shade
Makes this phlox both lovely and lush.

Deborah H. Doolittle, who was born in Hartford, Connecticut, has lived in lots of different places, now calls North Carolina home. A Pushcart Prize nominee, she is the author of Floribunda (Main Street Rag) and three chapbooks, No Crazy Notions (Birch Brook Press), That Echo (Longleaf Press), and Bogbound (Orchard Street Press).