We were never as close
after my father died
the hollow pain
that trapped us
in its echo
seemed to disappear
break up and lift
like a scab falls freely
from a swinging elbow.
You found another life
changed your name
from mother to lover
changed how you lived
from married to single;
I still saw your imprint
as it came to the surface
in my handwriting,
sometimes I felt you
walking inside of me
or dropping with me
as I collapsed into my chair.
Sometimes through the distance of miles
over tree-brushed mountains
and starry blooms of desert nights
I heard you call my name
just as before
calling for a missing part of you
floating out there
like a maple leaf
that falls from the tree in winter
and rides the creek water’s
stair steps back through time
where every day begins
where everything is
as it once was,
where I brushed your hair
rolled in your liquid soft arms
and laughter was a long golden chain.
I heard your call again this morning
come closer to me son
come rest all your fears
in the pillow of my chest
dangle your feet
in the cool lake water
of my dreams
sit among my angels’ wings
and know we are
forever each other’s.