A girl, a girl!
          named Jupiter?

Already the infant has sucked
          her snotty cousins into her wide-eyed web
They spin around her cooing

Her mother chooses a white dress
She lifts her girl to the sunlight
The baby kicks her sturdy legs
          raises a right-handed fist, giggles

The teacher notices fierce eagle resolve
          in the tiny curly-haired girl
          ringlets halo her face
She grabs all the blocks to herself

Bands of light follow her, unseen, pulling
          bands of moon-faced girls into her orbit
She is the hot spot, unburned dazzling

She will collect lovers
          stars in her celestial body
          hoarding them in her heaven
          letting them bask in her beams
Thunder bolts let loose
when she eclipses them

She is massive, god-mother
The children and their children cluster about her
They rest in her, baby birds in the ancient oak tree
          whispering her name


Amy Caponetto Galloway grew up in Pleasantville, NY and has worked in publishing, retail and most recently as a fifth-grade educator for 18 years, now retired. She earned an MFA in writing from Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY in 2014. She loves to observe people and capture their essence with words.