Nomadic footsteps lead our
zealous bodies to experience
strange lands & dreamscapes:
places under paper clouds
where cardboard bus benches
litter inner city streets,
silver tinsel mistletoe drapes
over chestnut oaktree knots.
glitter with holiday grandeur

Long-tailed meadow larks
sing off pitch & out of key,
seeking to please themselves
not charm nature’s creatures.

We dig bare feet into sand
& slosh through sordid puddles
enjoying sensual charcoal mud
oozing between naked toes.

Our hips sway & dip in public
then grind behind locked doors
arrogantly mixing feverish flamenco
binary rhythms & double steps,
displaying our passionate Paso Doble
for the world to relish—or ignore—
welcoming, yes, encouraging one & all
to cross natural bridges, wander alleyways,
explore dead ends, meander no-name streets.