white membranes concoct old-new playpens,
where territories of mutually holy reclamation
outdo one another in hypocritical garbage,
hidden across binges of dissipation, sodden wet
spider webs tied to ankles, weigh graves. Rest.

blanket frigid stones tabulate children dispossessed,
violated as masquerade, behind razor blades
lining the creases on your face. violated desert creepage
rusted out in self-donned camouflage.
body bags in queue, cowards, whose tongues
wring each emotion out of frontier speak,
your centerspread nudes advertise global aid.
with land mines on cue.

The next child watches bike tracks being filmed,
ten steps from vultures hovering around,
endless garbage bins.

Rony Nair is a poet, photographer, and part-time columnist for several national dailies. A Briton of Indian descent, his professional photography has been exhibited and featured in several literary journals. His poetry, photography, and writings are featured in Chiron Review, Sonic Boom, The Indian Express, Quail Bell Magazine, and many others.