Once upon a time, there was a girl named Anna, who lived in the forest with her siblings and her cousins. Her siblings were a brother and a sister. Anna’s parents lived next door, so Anna and her cousins and siblings could visit any time they’d like.

One day, something strange happened. Anna and her relatives visited their parents’ house, but her parents were gone! No one who lived in the forest had ever left it before; “Where are our parents?” Anna asked.

“I don’t know,” replied one of her siblings; “So, let’s go find them! We can do this!”

“Are you sure?” Anna asked, trembling, feeling scared.

“Sure, I’m sure!” said Anna’s sibling.

“Okay; let’s go! Exclaimed her cousin.

“Yay!” Everyone cheered.



Although Anna was scared, she bravely searched for her parents with her cousins and siblings; “I can’t find them,” Anna said to her cousins and siblings.

“Me, neither!” said the rest. They searched deeper into the forest; but there was no sign of their parents. They searched for a long time; then they all got lost. How will they evet get home. This was a disaster! I can’t believe we got lost in the forest! After thirty minutes of searching!” cried Anna.

Don’t worry,” said one of her siblings; “We’ll find our parents and a way back home. We’ll be there before you know it.” She continued on. But…



As they stumbled through the forest, they bumped into Anna’s parents. They were in luck! “What took you so long” Anna’s cousin asked.

“We snuck out of the forest to go to the store to buy a few things, but there were security cameras all over the store; so we had to sneak out after we got the groceries.”

“But you do know there’s an automatic food keeper west of the forest; right?” Anna asked.

“We didn’t know there was,” said the mother.

“Come on; it’s night, and we’re really hungry. Let’s go get some food and then sleep in.” Anna carped. And so they did.