share an experience,
strike a bond,
precious thing
but when we practice Magic,
(which includes all art)
whatever bond is struck
is incidental to something else.

On the other hand
the way we form groups
is not magic, but magical

like birds on a power line until
the group acquires a not-
group to be defined by.

and mingling becomes defiled
with meaning and manipulation
which blight the bond

social buffering hardens
into law, which falls
under the will of those

who think the immaculate
sphagnum ground
cricket that is the universe

is a machine.

Thus do we invoke Magic
(which includes all art),
to keep the cell walls permeable
restore the sacred power of touch

Bill Pruitt is a poet, fiction writer, and Assistant Editor with Narrative Magazine. He has published poems in such places as Ploughshares, Country Journal,, Stone Boat, Otis Nebula, Cottonwood, short stories in recent issues of Indiana Voice Journal, Midway Crack the Spine et. al. Website: