The crick-crick crickets contained in the swaying, un- 
mowed field grass continue their cry for a one final

embrace with their long-lost loves or are they simply
rubbing their hind parts together to annoy us a bit longer,

letting us know that their time & ours is nearing an end?
October & the grasses swish, swishing before snows

come, a time when they will lie down for the winter. Now
here's the beginning-to-die month where there's no

place to hide as the cold begins to settle in, a time
for creatures voyaging here to look toward mapping

a way forward with the unspoken knowledge that nothing,
nothing whatsoever will remain in place & sustainable forever.

Terry Savoie’s poems have been published in nearly two hundred literary journals including APR, Ploughshares, The Iowa Review and North American Review as well as recent issues of The American Journal of Poetry, One and Cortland Review among others. A chapbook, Reading Sunday, won the Bright Hill Competition and published last spring.