Memory, oh memory, how fickle art thou
A tapestry of moments, a perpetual flow
From childhood dreams to ancient tales
A symphony of visions that forever prevails

Through life’s gentle breeze or a raging storm
In joy, in sorrow, or in moments forlorn
You remain the sentinel of all our yesterdays
A bridge to the past, illuminating our ways

With each passing day, you grow stronger still
A river that rushes, a mountain that wills
All moments preserved, in the amber of time
A treasure forever, a source for the sublime

For in memory, we find our truest selves
A path that unites us, despite our shells
We can wander, we can fly, we can dance and sing
All because memory, sets our spirit free

So let us cherish each moment, remember it well
For in memory, beauty and truth do dwell
Our own personal archive, a library of life
A testament to all that we do, to all that we strive

And when our time finally comes to an end
We’ll leave behind, both foe and friend
Yet memory shall remain, a beacon in the dark
A legacy everlasting, an immortal spark.

Concetta Pipia is a writer and poetess. Her poetry has been published in various anthologies including “Expressions on War,” “Poetry on a Plate with Spicy Mango,” “Soul Serenade,” The Pine Cone Review’s Special Issues “SURVIVAL” and “GLISSADE and literary magazines including “Different Truths.” Ms. Pipia is a certified well life coach.