Magnanimous, the silent standing of
Wretched peaks made gravely clean by light,
Look, Duality presents on natures sight
That covers its connectedness like love.

Perhaps its more like a black floor length skirt
Teased on top with white sun and cloud clips
Hope’s wild river run up in its grips
Nostalgic light captures as nature lurks.

His picture stands once behind what was seen
I sit here behind glasses in front of
A metal book we kindly call to peek
At what he saw, my metal gazing machine.
And if my glimpse could ever gaze ungloved
Color might disconnect the land’s mystique.

Brittany Gorman is a second-year graduate student of Public Health at Northeastern University. She lives in Boston, MA and works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The focus of her life is seeking meaning & spirituality, creativity and expression, and service to others and family. She happily parents two young daughters with her husband, Ed.