I try to unlace your frown
like fancy boots you untied as young girl
see your wide welcoming grin
but loosening only sags your lips—speechless

I weep for vividness
of childhood memories
when my life was beginning
I weep for your laugh—
giggles that danced about
should and should-nots hop-hopping
to keep me in the game

That precious smile—
warm when you held me at your side
glittering wide when I took my bow
my lamp when I lost my way
now unlaced lips—droopy-silent

But your fiery orbs
begin to sing, and I hear melodious thoughts—
intricate score from your amber eyes harmonize
in a thousand voices
soft and stormy

Your exhilarated gaze
opens me to a gallery—
visions crowd one layer upon the other
your-long ago smile flies at me
amusement lives in your eyes sparkle
that my life is just beginning and
your smile was always there
for my remembering
just had to unlace it with new eyes