be my moonbeam your eyes have
been on my back before i could never forget
such color and you say

we mustn’t startle the earth with such a
historic touch that no one would understand
the number of lives
we’ve lived that

you can’t dedicate all your light to the moon when
you’ve got suns to grow and goddess
how you’ve waited light-years to butterfly
kiss my spine like it’s whipped butter i should tell you

I’ve counted the number of plates we’ve
shifted under cities and keep sucking on the borders of
continents like they’re lemon drops like
sticky dog-eared pages and backstage shadows like

any light between the blinds be everything you
are behind my eyelids i
can’t seem to forget the rooms we soak while
dreaming i

know what you’d say by
your irises last lifetime we mustn’t
shake the soil around such
bright bulbs