Take my smile
Then all the paths will sing for you
One moment it will feel strong,
to open the view,
before the next portal says welcome

It is now.

The swirl of a silent storm is a calypso just waiting to burst out.
Be with my touch, wise enough and eager for that to happen,
to be caught up in that storm

Look at my smile

You came to me in my dreams and the morning rose wonderfully
The smear of shadows’ secrets teases reveal
some of us will beam;
we who have gone through this world
see the sun that only a few can see

Writing more words right now,
as my friend the night sings
let the earth mold your feet for just a few moments,
Let me meld into you fully,
Its memory will hold you forever.

No matter where we are,
we will always be on my deck together,
looking at the singing sky
Scurrying clouds
enjoying kisses and coffee
Embracing the morning glories
Hiding behind the piles of firewood
And saying yes

You are looking at me perfectly.
And we find, together, ataraxy