The boy – 7 – walks by the Brooklyn luncheonette
and the jukebox plays

The night is like a lovely tune
beware my foolish heart

With the years the melody returns
And always out of nowhere

A love affair begins and there it is
A love affair ends and there it is again

In my middle years on a walk
It makes the silence speak

Somehow fills an emptiness
Forces a reaching out

At 7 my foolish heart knows nothing of foolishness
Opens to whatever clings to it

At 77 I love the world so much
I want all of it

And my foolish heart looks on the grave and I think
Does the melody ask me to begin to say goodbye?

Greg Moglia’s work appears in over 350 journals in 10 countries as well as in five anthologies. Ten times a winner of the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award. Among the journals are – Peregrine, Southern Humanities Review, Rattle, English Journal, South Carolina Review, and Tampa Review.