1. Water/Pottery/Ancestors
On the periphery she was penning letters,
To send out in the four directions,
Some sent via the waterways,
Some made into pottery,
Our sisters,
Our girls,
Our two-spirits,
Are like the stars glistening and sparkling,
Guiding and holding us,
Northern lights envelop us,
2. Boarding Schools/Cracked Mirrors/Soul Fragmentation
Something was left cooking on the stove,
Cracked mirrors of a broken soul,
Obtrusive to feeling emotions,
The soul loss of broken glass,
As it collects on the ground outside of a burning structure,
Attending to nourishment,
Private matters of the heart,
The contents left on the stove are an eruption,
3. Disassociation/Sadness/Recovery
We couldn’t resist the feeling to run away,
As the structures burned,
We had to escape the crisis to crisis,
We’ve been locked in closets,
Hand prints of red paint recorded as memories,
Blood memory can also mean trauma,
To be alive is to feel the memories the ancestors could not,
Ancestral trauma and soul loss screaming through the walls,
Fingerprints have stories of remembering,
Slowly the stitches dissolve,
Through movement,
Song and dance,
Reclaiming means so much to us,
4. Reflections/Ancestors We’ve Seen/Believe
We saw her in the mirror,
She appeared within us,
Through a reflection,
Our hand is up,
Take the hand that wants to honor you,
They are all right here.