A foundational sport for opposing countries that show
teamwork on a global court with an ocean
preempting the typical polyester net.
Hitter, middle blocker, setter poised
in a tableau vivant of readiness. However,
per intricate protocols, and in all fairness
the game will only begin when a stealth bomber
whose radar signature is no bigger
than a volleyball is sent aloft, or served,
initiating a rally, and instantly
competitors will abandon frozen positions
and rapidly put into play—with the utmost respect
for the opposition and abiding by protocols—
a multitude of “volleyballs,” with a launch
initially lifting each ball into the air,
followed by the set, or aim, and the spike,
a savage overhead attacking shot.

Power is a vital component in ending
a rally, and coaches continue to devise
new strategies, tactics, and skills in this game of constant
motion whose first match has yet to be played.