Time moves through love
and love through time

Yet time – illusory –
is loveless
and love – absolute –

Time stops when
you wait for the call
and flows backward
when you remember the kiss
that never lasted long enough

Yet time is loveliest
when love’s least timely
and so when you touch
time no longer matters

If asked to choose
between time and love
time may well run out
but love will carry on

Jack Cooper’s first poetry collection, Across My Silence, was published by World Audience, Inc. in 2007. His poetry, flash fiction, and mini-plays have appeared in Rattle, Slant, Bryant Literary Review, Santa Fe Literary Review, and many other publications. His poetry has also been selected for Ted Kooser’s, “American Life in Poetry” and Tweetspeak’s Every Day Poems, among other honors. He is co-editor of www.KYSOflash.com.