including words donated by a friend

She took the plunge to chatelaine
her crowded ring of keys
invisible to others
its weight of duties unguent
against the constant knocks
on mind’s doors
ever-present not-enoughs

Maid of the manor
she patrols desk and bed chamber
tidies and tucks
sweeps and sends memos
remembers thank you cards
rakes each autumn’s leaves
trolls the store for freshest fruits
best cured cheese
lady of the kitchen’s messy flesh
turner of taps
stoker of fires
keeper of family memories
old stories’ pungencies

Anne Bower teaches tai chi, gardens, does community volunteering, and keeps writing. Publications: three chapbooks—Poems for Tai Chi Players, The Space Between Us, Getting It Down on Paper (co-author Pamela Ahlen). Poems have appeared in Likely Red, Naugatuck River Review, Evening Street Review, Raven’s Perch, Gemini, and other journals.