your persona is outdoors my friend says
                      as we paw through the sale racks
               at the chic women’s clothing store    50% off 75% off 80% off
     and nothing I want to buy even dirt cheap
because I am not chic perhaps my sneakers give me away
     my orthotics pressed inside so that I don’t walk
               on the outer edges of my feet but rather straight-forward

but no matter how many orthotics I purchase and wear
     I still manage that off-kilter walk though sometimes
                    dare imagine myself walking the walk
     at one of those fashion shows where the models strut
                    and twirl to show off their designer couture
not one wearing orthotics although I predict that ten years hence
                    these fashionistas will be suffering
from wearing stilettos their toes bent into cruel over-wrought shapes

it helps to be naturally tall which I am along with Michelle Obama
                    who also has been known to wear high heels
even though this means she tops six feet and her persona is not outdoors
                    but mine is which is why I escape
the chic clothing shop with its knockdown sales because I just have to
                    get outside it suits me.