I don’t remember my teaching day
I don’t remember my commute ride home
or the student homework papers I marked
But at supper my daughter Liz would not
stop the talk of her life

Her school day filled with
the pain of a new girl
who had stolen Liz’s best friend
But after supper came family TV
until bedtime and when it came

My time for the tuck-in and kiss goodnight
but there was no easy sleep for Liz
She was still upset and so much story to tell
And she told it again from the start
On and on she went and I try to listen

I’m so tired that I slid to the floor
but the side of her bed my head resting on her mattress
All tucked in she went on about her best friend gone
And I closed my eyes and hoped for a stop
It never came until I thought I heard

with my eyes opening I hear
Daddy…Daddy thank you
so much for listening