for Jeff

You ask me to close my eyes
and, without adjectives, describe

which sounds a bit like
painting without light

but I could paint your colors
and the glow of lovers

in the dark.
—Imagine a spark

then the pairing of two
rapt together in sounds, feelings, hues

sharing longings and dreams out on the green
dining on sunbursts of oranges and tangerines

and honeydew in days of sweetness, wine and sunshine
but honey don’t, when thunder storms, forget this lifeline

listening to jazz and blues, love’s poetry read
blush of roses in bloom, violets snuggled in bed

memories sensed like a touchstone, ever-smoothing
coupling like couplets of a lullaby, ever-soothing.

Linda Eve Diamond is the author of two poetry collections, “The Beauty of Listening” and “The Human Experience.” Linda’s poetry, flash fiction and photographs have been published by literary journals and websites, including “Gravel,” “Grey Sparrow Journal,” “Sleet Magazine,” “Snow Jewel,” and “Your Daily Poem.”