The Marshall Fire –
A bullet train of destruction
In Colorado

I wept as I watched
My students’ houses burn
On the TV news

Fifty families in my school –
Five students in my class alone –
Lost their homes in the fire

Returning to school
Just days after the fire
We were shell-shocked

Joe and Jill Biden
Walked my town after the fire
They hugged my students

We all did our piece
To uplift those who lost their homes
One day at a time

It was hard to know
What to say to those
Who lost everything

Community rallied
To embrace those
Who lost everything

I painted for months
So those who lost
Could have art again

We learned
That art heals

We are still
Eighteen months later
Filling holes of loss

The prospect…
Rebuilding 1,000 homes
1,000 lives

The wildfires
This summer have triggered it

The rest of our lives
We will live with
This reality

The indomitable
Phoenix-strong among us