Praise the rays and the gaze
that meet suicidal eyes
before pills are popped
and stop-sign hearts
are crushed under
city traffic in veins

Praise the rain
that creates pathways
puddles for imagination
to skip across like smooth rocks
like Jesus tiptoeing
in the attic of your mind

Praise the lonely days
when embers can kindle
in your palms
and start a new kind of flame

Praise the rain
praise the fire before the rain
before the stop-drop-and-roll
praise the 50 cent tolls
God pays for us

Praise the dust
that has yet to be shaken
and the lust that has got us lost
in this labyrinth of
one night
week night
who’s right
and what might
our future hold
across this ocean of sheets

Praise the air
that burns in lung cavities
and sails off of trees
praise the trees that bow like knees
to the raging tempest
the tossed-and-turned upon mattress
too deserves praise

And now that we have seen
how far our feet can take us

And now that
this silence suits you

And now that
you see Mother Earth
for what she is
heart pockets
a closed locket
and she sees you
and your imperfections
and does not resent them
or pretend
they are not making her scream

Praise the God
that gave her the name
and is holding us at the apex
the tipping point
anticipating our fear
when we fall
and our relief
when we see that His hands
were always there to catch us