Take everything off your desk.
Otherwise, I won’t start the video.

Pens and pencils, put them away.
Nervous tapping is distracting.
This is not the time to do homework,
write a note to your best friend,
or practice graffiti.

There is no talking during the video,
no popcorn, no sitting on the floor.
This is not your family room at home.
It’s all right to laugh
in the appropriate places,
but don’t be obnoxious.

Put your notebook on the rack
under your seat.
When we watch a video,
it is not time for a nap,
even if you’ve been up all night
texting friends.

If you suddenly get religious
and start bowing your head,
I get suspicious, so don’t be
checking messages. I don’t want
to have to play policeman
and send you to the office,
so they can confiscate your phone.

I know that not every video
is going to be your favorite,
but remember the old Chinese proverb,
“Seeing a movie is better
than no movie at all.”