“What is quantum entanglement?”

In response to the interviewer, Aleck Mill, like any other Unquantator, said quite confidently, “Simply explained, quantum entanglement is just like two people choosing whether to eat pizza or sushi — when one person chooses a pizza, another will choose sushi. Um, I prefer to call it quantum telepathy.” Satisfied with his own answer, Aleck begins to analyze the interviewers’ facial expressions carefully, looking to find approval on their faces. To his disappointment, there is nothing besides a slight impatience.

There are two kinds of cities in the world: one is Quanta City, the most outstanding achievement of human civilization. Using quantum computers, communicating by QKD (quantum key distribution), exploiting quantum’s ground state energy for electricity — quantum technology is utilized everywhere in the city. In the center of the city, you will find the most famous building in the world, designed like a quantum suspended on the ground — the Quantum Institution, the core of human development. The rest of the cities, like the one Aleck dwells in, are not different from today’s cities.

Like all people who are not from Quanta City, Aleck is an Unquantator. Like 78.95% percent of 12-22-year-old youth, Aleck is fascinated by quantum physics; like 78.95% percent of 12-22-year-old youth, he read all the quantum articles posted on Quanta Physics Qubsite, the only popular science qubsite which is subscribed to by 97% Unquantators in the world, and felt that quantum physics is not as spooky and obscure as scientist’ think; like 78.95% percent of 12-22-year-old youth, Aleck confidently went to the Quanta Institution for a job interview and got rejected.

Walking out of the institution, Aleck is annoyed by the feedback from Quantum Institution. How could they refuse him just because of his poor performance in high school physics! It is nothing compared to the quantum physics that he can vividly describe. Furthermore, general physics is long and tedious.

Suddenly, a huge advertisement appears in the sky and gets his attention. Quanta Physics Qubsite is recruiting. Quanta Physics Qubsite is the miracle among Unquantators. Although the company began with only 12 employees, the Quanta Physics Qubsite quickly attracted over 24 billion Qubcitizens, surpassed all the formal press companies, and became the only company about public science education in the world in less than two years. Aleck decides to try his luck. When he sees the building of QP Qubsite, he is shocked. Two hours ago, standing in front of the Quantum Institution, Aleck had the same feeling because of the golden gleam of knowledge shined from the inside of the building. At this moment, in front of the QP Qubsite, he is astounded by its ostentation and obtrusion. Everyone who sees QP Qubsite’ skyscraper must have the feeling of seeing a monster wielding its sticky tentacles to show its power and wealth to the world.

However, everything that followed went abnormally favorably, and Aleck quickly acquires a well-paid job — an associate sender in the company.

On the next day, led by a mature woman named Sophia, he learns more about this company. Sophia joined the company six years ago and was promoted to the editor of the Quline article. All the employees in the company are Unquantators, who write and post popular quantum articles for the Unquantators. Aleck’s job is to post the articles on the Quline, and it is quite simple work. He just needs to upload a new article’s document in the quantum communication system when the previous one is about to finish.

Then Sophia shows him to the technique room for quantum communication. Walking into the room, Aleck sees several black boxes shining yellow light on their screen; “This quantum communication room is below standard. Alice and Bob should be choosing red and blue balls to throw into the quantum tube. Hah! it is hard to imagine that the famous QP Qubsite doesn’t have a well-equipped communication room.”

“You learned about so-called Alice and Bob from the popular science articles, huh?” Sophia said with a disdainful look.

“Sure!” Without feeling Sophie’s contempt, Aleck continues complacently, “I spent all my school time viewing our company’s Qubsite. I can even recite all of the context. You must know, those science articles about the cutting-edge quantum theories are very complicated for ordinary people.”

“Yep. Popular science articles are extremely imaginative. It’s not odd for you guys to be addicted to them. But you should distinguish FICTION from SCIENCE. You need to get rid of that unrealistic world,” Sophia replies impassively, as if she has repeated this response many times.

Trying to talk, Aleck opens his mouth, but then he becomes too angry to speak.

After seeing Aleck’s florid face, Sophia gives Aleck a comforting smile,” It’s okay. At least you’ve got a job. Those articles didn’t cause any damage to you.”

Aleck’s face turns redder, “There are 3.2 billion teenagers like me, treating these articles as the Bible. You are ruining their childhood and their future!”

Sophie glances at him coldly, as if seeing a child making a great commotion about nothing, and begins to speak calmly, “You know nothing, Aleck. We tried real science articles, but no one ever looks. Science is in the tower of ivory and quantum is in the spire. The simpler and the more imaginative an article is, the more people buy it. This is the age of instant correlation. People want to know ‘science’, and we want to earn money. Without doing this, how could we Unquantators become successful in the in the Quantum dominance era? “


Without letting Aleck finished his sentence, Sophia interrupts him, “That’s all for the newcomer’s tour. By the way, welcome to Quanta Physics Qubsite,” and leaves without turning her head.

Six years later, Aleck becomes the most famous popular science writer on the Qubsite. His posters cover almost every place in the sky, making people barely able to see the sunlight.


Xuanhui Mao is currently a high school student in Beijing, China. She loves engineering and physics and enjoys exploring the intersections between science, society, and humanity. She aims to use her pen to offer readers multi-angled insights into science and technology.