Expectant I feel it like
I’m sitting on the sun.
Tension teaches me
tolerance to pain.
An umbrella unfolds
spreading my footprints.
I hear my own breathing it
tells me I am fine.

You are beside me,
telling me I am fine.
You lead me toward infinity.
Salvation belongs
in my heart. I hear it slam
shut. Another rainbow
hidden in my closet.
I cover it with promises.

A bright spot shiny
in the solitude of
everyday trenches.
I rub on it hoping to show
it off. It only gets my name
lost in the pages
of a telephone book.
The words tell me I am one
of many who are fine.

A stereoscope reel
snapshots my life.
Dissection slides show me
some things are worth
beside me.
I know that I am fine.