For the nights he spent
on foot wondering the
wakes the summit had
left in its ofference as
exception to earth,
a dream would come
like a lightning bolt
and ground him and
confusion would dance
between spliced ions
and scatter before he
could put them together.
And when he’d finally wake
under the inky euphoria
that knew no difference
between eyes attune and shut,
bouqueted moments
of sage and apple,
grapefruit and honey,
kept him from collapsing
under the weight of the world-
held the blanket up
so he could breathe again.
Danielle Monzo is a poet and dancer living in Atlantic City, NJ. Paralegal by day, Dance Teacher and Studio Manager by night, she sings with her band during weekends and spends time with the Atlantic Ocean. Danielle is currently working on a collection of poetry and personal essays.