Hooch dripping down your chin,
Lights flashing in your eyes,
Booming music in your chest,
And a bent cigarette between your fingers.
Revel in this.

The past didn’t last,
The future may be a myth,
And these concepts are cosmic.
There is only the now.
This is a violent meditation.

The only word is more.
You want more, you need it.
More is needed because
More is coming.
There is more reveling to be done.

The drinks will continue to flow,
The herbs will continue to burn,
The cards will continue to cut,
And it will never be enough.

Your satisfaction eludes,
Dipping and diving,
On towards eternity.
All the same you give chase
Through The Revelry.

Scream war, Reveler.

Severin Lai is a Canadian writer living in Toronto, Canada and I primarily write poetry and dark fiction. My work can be found on Instagram at @Chimeric_Creations.