Will it take a lexicon
To read my story humble
Generation x I am
A bird of feathers ancient
Clearly I abet my mind
By placing words on paper

Life and death a moment’s time
Spelled out as words before me
Vigor cast from crumbs in hand
Less dove than doe-eyed raven
Quiet life or inward world
Paled by paper shadows

More grand than final casting
Less seen than caps of fancy
Other lives hold lessons dear
To feel them is a fortune
Written word of only one
No less or more convincing

Hold your hand to sound the words
they feel like bits of promise
Fallen out of tempted minds
More real than they are perfect
Hopeful birth has led me here
less doe than duck-foot vixen

Stand and hold your breath for me
I’ve asked and you have done it
No favor has this earnest game
No greater will before you
Only I will say your name
and hold you in your glory