The true sound of spring:
Raindrops drumming, gently
On metal porch roof

Porch time in spring means
Sipping hot tea with a book
Wrapped in a blanket

By summertime it’s
Insistent cacophony
Of evening storms

Thunder mixed with the
Loud beat of rain, augmented
By lightning flashes

In fall, the rain comes
Less and catches on leaves in
The gutters, cascading

Watching leaves turning
And birds heading south in vees
A tinge of sadness

In winter, snow falls
Silently on the porch roof
A soft white blanket

Warm winter days bring
Short porch stints to soak up sun
Gorgeous, snow-capped views

Spring is my favorite
A harbinger of summer
And rooftop music

Hope-filled days of warmth
New birth erupting from earth
Days growing longer