As if God
had touched His thumb there,
pressed poetry
into my thoughts,
made a way to hear His voice
as well as out.
Hair pushed high
off my forehead,
I can see it so clearly
in the mirror,
small, centered and slanting
toward my left eye,
an arrow
to the memorial of my father
written in the green iris there—
a gift
from the Father.
Wish I hadn’t hidden it
for so long.
Want to tell anyone who’ll listen
about the power
of the Spirit,
the flame so bright inside
that I burn
with a saving Love.


Morgan G. Cairns is a poet, editor, fangirl, and bibliophile. Poetry is her native language. Her work has appeared in Corvid Queen: A Journal of Feminist Fairy Tales, Folklore, & Myths, and The Game of Nerds.